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Santa's North Pole Southern office is nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains! Serving North America and International clients from China to Australia!  For 39 years American Events has been providing top rate holiday entertainment to businesses, malls, Fortune 500 companies and families! 

We not only hire the best Santas but we partner with Professional Santa Claus School (founded by the President of American Events in 1983)  to educate, train, mentor, outfit and support our performers with ongoing education, & courses so they stay at the top of their game for our clients! 

Our goal has always been to maintain the true TRADITIONS of your childhood, passed on generation to generation, while keeping with modern trends of technology, and social perspectives.  Parents and Seniors should have just as much FUN  at Christmas Parties as your little ones do!

American Events has created innovative Santa Visit products for our clients such as: 

  • Certified Professional Santas/Mrs. Claus'
  • Elite Santa Performers
  • Sant-A-Grams
  • Sneak-A-Peak
  • SantaFest on Tour
  • North Pole Storytime
  • My Santa Reports
  • Virtual Visits & Personalized Messages
  • Virtual Corporate Parties for Businesses, Schools and Groups
  • Selfies with Santa National Program

For Holiday Performers

Santa & Mrs. Claus are really busy! They need support! 

Santa Visits USA is your one stop RESOURCE CENTER for information, education, insurance and booking referrals! MEMBERSHIP in SVU is FREE!

Over 40 years, Professional Santa Claus School has trained 2500 amazing relatives in Santa's bloodline and 700 outstanding Mrs. Clauses at our live 5 day conference, held annually in Denver, CO. With the birth of the internet, we are able to reach an additional 3000 Holiday Performers with available online training courses. Educational programs and webinars continue to support our entertainers year-round with webinars, consultations and private group training Zooms.

Behind the veil of this website is an extensive support system for Holiday Performers who want to play at the top of the industry! Join to be notified of upcoming bookings in your area. Get LISTED on CPS or ESP to get best bookings and be shopped by people needing Santa/Mrs. locally and from around the world! Take live or online courses to stay current with industry changes, get your assignments, submit your invoices, connect to buy your annual insurance policy, order your annual background check and so much more! You simple cannot afford NOT to take advantage of all the resources available to you on SVU!! 

You can UPGRADE to be listed as a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL SANTA/MRS. CLAUS (credentials required). You will get your own website! All referrals go to only ONE Santa so there is no competition as on other booking sites. You set your price and are paid that amount if the the client accepts your price.  Business Course is included with your listing!  

If you wish to be listed to appear in Movies/commercials, work at Luxury Resorts, on Cruise Lines or appear at INTERNATIONAL venues, the ELITE SANTA PLACEMENT program is for YOU! UPGRADE to become an ELITE PERFORMER! 

Behind every Great Santa... Susen Mesco

Susen's Influences in the Santa World

2020 Release Fundraiser Coffee table book benefitting Children's Hospital

Becoming Santa Teh Movie

Becoming Santa The Movie  Released in 2011

Santa Jack Graduates Pro Santa Claus School 2009

Watch Trailer:

From the North Pole, of course, but spent much of her youth, until 24 years of age, in Chicago. Attending college and Universities in Wisconsin. Studied abroad in Avignon and Paris France. Degrees in Education, French, International Business and Archeology. After various careers in finance, travel, running a television station, education and sales, Susen committed her dream to Making the World a Better Place by working with children and Holiday Performers.

Recognized by the Santa Claus Oath Foundation for Excellence in Education in the Santa Claus Industry in 2018.

Honored with Induction into the International Santa Claus Hall of Fame in 2019. 

In 1983, Susen Mesco started a Party Planning firm, American Events & Promotions,  that provided souvenir photos for various events. Asked to provide Santas & photo services for some local malls, she agreed. By the next year, 2 malls turned into 14. People were asking for Santa Home Visits which expanded services. 83 busy Santas turned into over 2000+ busy Santas.  Santa Claus Training turned into the second largest, longest running Professional Santa Claus School in the United States. Soon American Events was providing Santa services for clients such as T-Mobile, Wal-Mart, Coldwell Banker, Remax, large sporting good firms and national mall management firms. 

Over the years, holiday entertainment began to evolve away from the typical mall experience, towards more creative, relaxed and "intimate" Corporate and Private events. American Events created SANT-A-GRAMS TM, SNEAK-N-PEEKS TM, SANTAFEST ON TOUR TM,  SANTA IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD TM & more!

Soon the business expanded placing Santas & Mrs. Clauses nationally and internationally. Demanding higher standards of her performers than other booking agencies CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL SANTAS and ELITE SANTA PLACEMENT programs were created to ensure businesses and families get the most enthusiastic, polished and entertaining performers available in their area!

Santas who work with Susen are offered continuous educational classes to update and hone their skills. Classes such as American Sign Language, Spanish, P.O.L.E.S. (Professional Online Education for Santas), Virtual skills and editing. B.A.B.S. (Be A Better Santa) and monthly seminars.

In the past 5 years new programs such as VIRTUAL VISITS & PERSONALIZED MESSAGES from Santa, Mrs. Claus and Santa's Head Elf Buzz Twinkletoes, MY SANTA REPORTS, NORTH POLE STORYTIME, FREE LETTER FROM SANTA, MRS. CLAUS and Elf Buzz have been launched for families to have more wholesome online entertainment.  Get your code when you book any Santa, to enter and enjoy FREE!

Virtual Visits & Messages

Available all year round! Arrange an exciting Virtual Visit or Personalized Message from Santa, Mrs. Claus or Head Elf. Birthday, Kindergarten Graduation, Summer check-in.  Santa's "knows" secrets that will thrill your little ones. Stories, puppets, sing alongs & more. Reminders to stay on the Nice List.

Available for classrooms, group parties & More!

Pick a day and time that is best for your Family. Schedule your online visit today!

North Pole Storytime

Your children will be entertained for weeks listening and interacting with Santa & Mrs. Claus doing over 1000 stories, sing alongs, puppet shows, magic shows, even simple crafts! Santa of Color, Mrs. Claus Tea Parties, Santa's Fire Department, Santa's Train Station, ASL, and Christian stories!  

A $10 Value, FREE with your booking!

My Santa Reports 

A new program so children can "report" in weekly to Santa with their good behavior. Children can earn their Official Nice Certificate! Update their Wish List direct to Santa! See their name on Santa's List! Report their Elf on Shelf! Receive a FREE Letter from Santa!   MSR is Free with your Booking! 

A $10 Value! Request your code!

Not just a visit! These are your Memories! You want true Entertainment!